Trisula Copal Vernis

Trisula Copal Vernis is a special formulated varnish for industrial and household purposes. High quality durable paint and suitable for bamboo, rattan and woods.

Application :

  1. For wood, rub it first using a scouring paper until smooth, then apply varnish using a soft brush.
  2. For iron, clean it from dirt, rust and oil, then apply varnish using a soft brush

Product Features:

Type Alkyd resin
Gloss ± 98 (85°)
Spreading Rate 8 – 12 m² / liter
Total Solids Content (Vol. %) ± 51
Specific Gravity 0.89
Drying Time 60 – 90 minutes
Thinner Trisula Synthetic Thinner (can be added)
Method Of Application Brush or Spray
Packing 200 cc, 700 ml, 12.5 liters