Quirijn Water Colors

A Waterbased Quirijn acrylic is specially formulated with long lasting high quality pigments for true and vibrant color and outstanding elastic properties for easy spreading ability.
Quirijn acrylic is simple and can be used on all types of paint canvases, its solid hiding power allows easy and good opacity coverage on paper, styrofoam, wood, walls and calciboard.

Product Features:

Type Acrylic modified emulsion
Gloss Semi gloss
Spreading Rate ± 1-2m²/kg (depends on the surface)
Viscosity (Poise), 30 ° C 19 ± 1
Specific Gravity 30 ° C 1.1 ± 0.05
Drying Time 1 – 2 hours
Thinner Ready for use or Clean water if needed
Method Of Applications Painting knife, brush or roller
Packing  1 kg