Inspiration of Wall Paint Colors That Do Not Absorb Heat


The sun’s heat has a significant influence on the temperature inside the house. Especially in areas that have a tropical climate, such as Indonesia, which is on the equator, experiences high temperatures throughout the year. This condition encourages many people to look for solutions to make their homes more comfortable and cool. One effective way is to choose a wall paint color that does not absorb heat.

The color of the wall paint has a big influence on the temperature in the house. Certain colors can absorb more heat than others. Dark colors such as black, dark red, or navy tend to absorb more sunlight, causing an increase in temperature inside the house. On the other hand, light colors such as white, cream and pastels reflect most of the sunlight, making them more effective in keeping the house cool. Here are some wall paint colors that do not absorb heat :


1. White Color

White is a classic choice that is always effective at reflecting sunlight. Not only does white provide a clean and fresh look, it also makes the room look more spacious and brighter. Using white paint on the exterior of the house is very effective in reducing heat absorption.


2. Cream and Beige Color

Cream and beige colors are a great alternative to white. These colors remain bright and have good sunlight-reflecting capabilities, but provide a hint of warmth and depth that pure white lacks. This color is suitable for a more natural and warm look.


3. Light Blue Color

Light blue is a calming and refreshing color. This color not only provides a cooling visual effect but is also effective in reflecting heat. Light blue is often used in tropical areas to create a cool and comfortable atmosphere.


4. Pastel Green Color

Pastel green gives a touch of nature and freshness to the home. This color does not absorb as much heat as dark or dark green. Pastel green is very suitable for rooms that want to give a cool and calming impression.


5. Light gray color

Light gray is a modern choice that is effective at reflecting sunlight. This color provides an elegant and clean look without making the room feel too cold or sterile. Light gray is suitable for contemporary and minimalist design styles.


6. Cheerful yellow

Cheerful yellow is a bright and cheerful color that is also effective in reducing heat absorption. This color gives a warm impression without increasing the room temperature. Pale yellow is often used to provide a fun and energetic touch of color.


Choosing the right wall paint color is an important step in creating a cool and comfortable home, especially in a tropical climate like Indonesia. Light colors such as white, cream, light blue, pastel green, light gray and pale yellow can help reflect sunlight and reduce heat entering the house. In addition, the combination of using reflective materials, window protection, good ventilation and planting trees can further increase the effectiveness of keeping the house temperature cool.

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