Indian Head Special Politur Air

Indian Head Special Politur Air is a water based varnish for exterior and interior wood finishes. For use on wooden doors, window frames, rattan and wooden furniture.

Key Properties :

  1. Quick dry
  2. Ready to use / does not require a mixture of other ingredients
  3. Produces a smooth surface
  4. Resistant to sunlight and rainwater
  5. Shiny finishing results

Application :

  1. Stir well before use
  2. Sand the surface of the wood/rattan with fine scouring paper in the direction of the wood grain then clean
  3. Apply the product to the surface to be used and leave it to dry
  4. Repeat the steps above as needed to get maximum results

Product Features:

Type Acrylic emulsion
Spreading Rate 2 – 3 m² / liter
Viscosity (Poise), 30 ° C 60 ± 5
Specific Gravity , 30ºC 1.02 ± 0.02
Drying Time 1 – 2 hours
Thinner add clean water if needed
Method Of Application Brush or Spray
Packing 1 liter

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