Altex Naturetone Primer

Altex Naturetone Primer is a specially formulated wall primer to help prevent and protect against alkali for new cement plaster, concrete, asbestos cement where alkali usually exists. Also, for priming previously painted masonry surfaces.

Application :

  1. Smooth the surface before painting or clean with a cloth until clean
  2. After the surface is clean, use altex paint on the surface you want to chat
  3. To get perfect results use the afdunner synthesis trident

Key Properties :

  1. Quick dry
  2. Easy to wear and durable
  3. Serves as a surface preservative, weather resistant and gives a luxurious impression on the coated surface, both for interior and exterior

Product Features:

Type Acrylic modification
Gloss Doff
Spreading Rate ± 4 m² / liter (depending on surface)
Viscosity (Poise), 30 ° C ± 30 – 1
Specific Gravity, 30 ° C 1.33 ± 0.01
Drying Time 1 – 2 hours
Thinner Clean water, ± 15% – 25%
Method Of Application Brush, roll or spray
Packing 2.5 liters, 25 liters