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Atlantic Ocean Paint (AOP) is a paint and coating manufacturer based in Surabaya, Indonesia which was founded in 1956.

Over the years, through hard work and dedication, AOP has grown into a successful manufacturing company distributing a wide range of high quality products throughout the nation. Our products include automotive paint, decorative paint, industrial paint and marine paint. We are very proud to be your trusted partner in meeting all your paint needs. With years of experience in the industry, we have a solid reputation as a provider of high-quality paint with a wide range of inspiring colors.

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PT Dunya Cat Indonesia is a specialist paint contractor company that was founded in 2000. The establishment of DCI aims to support property developers, architects, interior designers, building contractors and home owners with painting and decorative coatings in various projects, ranging from renovations, projects that have not yet been completed. completed or newly built. With excellent warranties and effective painting services, every project lasts a lifetime and gives the building a flawless appearance.

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We are proud to have a variety of superior product brands that can meet your various coating needs. We believe that each project has its own characteristics, that’s why we have developed a series of leading brands ready to provide the best protection and aesthetics.

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Get inspirational articles and tips about house paint colors. You can find various themes and nuances here. Until the product suits your needs.